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Flowers and Crickets

Job hunting is tough out there right now. With a double digit unemployment rate, which does not take into account those who have given up, underemployment and other factors, there are many over qualified people looking for work. Better yet, there are many entrepreneurial spirits who are working hard to invent the new America. Back when I was analyzing mortgage-backed securities, I felt overwhelmed by the state of the states. I was worried that we, as a country, would quite frankly go through a long and hard recession. But I have a good feeling that towards the end of the year, things will rebound and by 2012, things should be moving along steadily. It will take us a while to sort though the inventory of houses but America will be ok. Heck, even David Brooks thinks so. And China is realizing that currency crises tend to follow high growth without currency fluctuation and is considering a freer float. In fact, I think every major currency crisis in history has been because of a pegged or not freely floating currency… but don’t quote me on that… So things are looking up here and that is good.

I was elected as a board member to a neighborhood association this year. It is a wonderful bunch of talented artists, lawyers, planners and other lively folks. And of course, there are some people who don’t get along. One person is really intense and can be ugly to others and so far everyone has responded, as the history professor called it, ‘with crickets.’ I am not sure it has been successful in taming the bully, but I am not sure if actually responding to him would make it any better.

For those who spend a good amount of time job hunting, ‘the crickets’ tend to be frustrating. Before I got my new job, which I landed through a personal connection, I had been applying to a lot of jobs. I feel like I have a pretty good resume — successful research, large grants, diverse fields — but still… all I heard were crickets. I think it really started to affect my self-esteem. It reminded me of manifesto no 26. Don’t enter awards competitions. Just don’t. It’s not good for you.

I received an email about the Bruce Mau internship, but didn’t get my hopes up because it simply stated that they would be calling the first week of April. Well, the week is close to being over and so far… crickets. Does this count as an awards competition? Aren’t all job searches like an awards competition? I think there comes a point in your life when you have to stop defining yourself as your career. Or do you? I feel like what I do is such a part of me that its hard to hear only crickets from the companies that I would give a pinky to work for.

Oh well, when one door closes another one opens. And I am really happy with my life in Tallahassee. The city is really starting to turn into a creative and cultural community. And maybe the intern selection crew is still going to call. But in the meantime it’s springtime, and the flowers are out along with the crickets. And I am still a designer.

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